Shungite Phone Protector Plate


Shungite Phone Protector Plate


Shungite phone protector plate to black harmful EMFs.

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Shungite is a natural stone with an unusual chemical structure. It has been shown to purify water, and protect the human bio field from the unwanted impact of man-made EMFs. It’s only found to be naturally occurring in the Karelia region of northern Russia. Shungite is prized because of it’s composition of carbon and fullerene. Fullerene possesses a unique chemical structure allowing it to hold high amounts of hydrogen, which is attributed to the shungite’s ability to cleanse and balance energy. This chemical composition is found nowhere else on earth, and has only ever been identified in meteorites, leading many people to embrace this almost cosmic stone as an offering from the heavens.

What are EMFs?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, and are the invisible lines of force transmitted from man-made electrical or wireless products. The natural world, including humans, also transmit EMFs. Our bodies work in synergy with the earth’s natural electromagnetic field, and that is why we often feel a sense of healing in nature. However, man-made EMFs may have a harmful effect upon our bodies, and people are finding themselves sensitive to EMFs.

Short term exposure doesn’t seem to cause adverse effects on our own electromagnetic fields, but our world is technologically advancing at a high rate, and it appears we are in almost constant contact with devices that emit unnatural EMFs such as mobile phones, microwaves, televisions, and not to mention that almost everywhere is equipped with wireless internet.

It is believed that sustained contact with man-made EMFs can have negative effects on our bodies, including constriction of blood flow to major organs, poor digestion and immune systems, increased blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar, arthritis, anxiety and depression. The harmful effects of EMF are often not fully disclosed to the public, but it should be taken into account that the rise of mobile phones and WiFi has coincided with increased infertility.

Shungite for Protection

Within shungite is the aforementioned fullerene, which is a pure carbon molecule with a hollow cage like structure. It able to absorb and neutralise the harmful rays from EMF, and has been shown to block the harmful rays when placed next to electrical devices.

Mobile phones are a device that most people are in almost constant contact with. The radiation from these devices can have a negative impact on your nervous system, and in particular your brain. Shungite plates have been shown to reduce the exposure of EMF from your phone. Simply attach the plate to back of your phone to neutralise the invisible yet harmful rays.