Sacred Shungite Soil


Sacred Shungite Soil


200g of natural shungite for the purposes of soil purification.

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Shungite is a natural stone with an unusual chemical structure. It has been shown to purify water, and protect the human bio field from the unwanted impact of man-made EMFs. It’s only found to be naturally occurring in the Karelia region of northern Russia. Shungite is prized because of it’s composition of carbon and fullerene. Fullerene possesses a unique chemical structure allowing it to hold high amounts of hydrogen, which is attributed to the shungite’s ability to cleanse and balance energy. This chemical composition is found nowhere else on earth, and has only ever been identified in meteorites, leading many people to embrace this almost cosmic stone as an offering from the heavens.

Nature’s fertiliser

Shredded shungite can be used as a mineral to supplement soil to improve plant growth. It does so my improving the composition of the soil, which then increases productivity and help the plants to resist disease. Shungite promotes re-mineralisation of the soil, and use of this product may increase trace elements in the soil such as which help to increase potassium, cobalt, copper, phosphorus, nickel, vanadium and zinc, as well as calcium and magnesium.

Re-mineralised soil leads to plants that flourish. The shredded nature of the shungite helps to loosen the soil, allowing for a beter flow of water to the roots of the plant. The black colour of the shungite helps the soil to absorb sunlight in the day, and steadily releases the heat at night therefore improving the thermal regime of the soil. Shugite is often used in greenhouses as it as another source of carbon dioxide that can assist in photosynethesis.

Using shungite as a fertiliser is an eco-friendly choice, as it is 100% safe and non- toxic and does not cause harm to plants or humans. When using shungite to help fertilise soil, it is able to neutralise harmful pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. This decreases the chances of toxic chemicals being absorbed into the plants, and therefore out of the foodchain.

How to use

Shungite will work well in agriculture and for all types of plants including houseplants, green crops, fruit trees and bushes.

We recommend using:

  • 200-300g / per 10 litres of light soil (sandy, sandy loam, light loam)
  • 200-400g / per 10 litres of heavy soils (peat, medium and heavy)