Sacred Chaga Mushroom


Sacred Chaga Mushroom


100g of chaga mushroom. A medicinal mushroom foraged from Siberian Birch trees, which can be brewed into a health-promoting tea. 

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Siberian Superfungi

Not the most visually pleasing of plants, you could be forgiven for not recognising chaga as a mushroom at all. However, behind chaga’s unusual appearance lies a plant with such potent nutritional value that it is known as “The King of the Mushrooms”. Chaga has a long history of consumption in Russia, Siberia and Northern Europe. Local folklore regarded this fungi a cancer therapy. Recently, Russian scientists have noted that in areas where chaga tea is regularly consumed that cancer and stomach related diseases are less prevalent, so it has been at the centre of scientific research.

An Elixir for Health

Chaga is an adaptogen thought to promote homeostasis, and is appreciated for it’s unique nutritional profile. Chaga is a clever little fungi which is rich in beta-d-glucans. It is able to boost the immune system when required, slow it down when it is over active, so has a regulative effect on the immune system. Even better, chaga has been shown to activate the immune system cells responsible for terminating cancer cells, and is linked to longevity amonst regular drinkers of chaga tea.

We consider chaga a power house as it contains 215 phytochemicals, and possesses one of the highest ORAC values in the world. Chaga may well work so well for humans because it’s DNA is 30% closer to human DNA than any other plants DNA. It is also high in melanin, which has a protective effect on human DNA and is thought to fight radiation by activating the pineal gland.

Other key benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiaging
  • Soothes ulcers and gastritis
  • Supports cholesterol levels
  • Supports blood pressure levels


Sacred suggest placing the chaga mushroom in a pan of boiling water for upto 30 minutes. Chaga tends to have a very neutral taste, though sometimes the tiniest hint of vanilla can be detected. We recommend the addition of other herbs and spices, such as ginger, for a more full bodied taste.

The chaga can be reused for upto one month. After use, either keep covered with water, or dry out completely in the oven, otherwise it can go mouldy.

We recommend 2-3 cups a day of this tonic to harbour the unique properties.