Small seeds, Big Benefits 

The seeds from the Nigella sativa plant, may be small but they appear to be a powerhouse against epilepsy, allergies and are known to boost the immune system. They have been referenced throughout history, and were even discovered in the tomb of Tumkahmun. Perhaps to assist him into the afterlife? Blackseed oil is also believed to have been applied to the complexions of Cleopatra and Nefertti, and could be the secret to their enduring beauty.

Black seed oil contains the powerful bioactive thymoquinone. In addition to this, there are over 100 nutritional compounds and it is rich in phytonutrients. It can stabilize blood glucose and cholesterol metabolism, it also seems to be effective against inflammation, and can reduce the pain brought on by rheumatoid arthritis. It also appears immune boosting, can help protect against allergies and can have an antibacterial effect.

Nigella Sativa oil versus cancer 

There are 462 published studies on the effectiveness of Nigella sativa. Multiple studies have investigated the effect of Nigella sativa and its anti-tumor capabilities. Nigella sativa was proven to have an effect on tumour cell death in 1997 at the Cancer Research Facility at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

The seeds from the Nigella sativa help to restore the immune system, destroy cancer cells and strengthen the good cells so that they are able to fight the cancer.

Key Benefits

• Analgesic

• Anti-bacterial

• Anti-inflammatory

• Antihistamine

• Anti-cancer

• Anti-hypertensive

• Antioxidant

• Antispasmodic

• Antiviral