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Lee Piercy


JULY 2016

"I visited the Sacred Sanctuary in Summer 2016, I didn't have any known pre existing health issues and was already interested in staying healthy.

The trip left me with so much more than I imagined and gave me so much knowledge. I now have much better habits and an understanding of my body and how it responds to real nutrition.  

Although the benefits for somebody needing help with managing their disease are huge, the information given would benefit all! 

I felt I gained so much from the wonderful practitioners on site that I have booked to return and think it will be something I do at least once a year!

Last but, not least the setting for the Sanctuary was beautiful and added to the whole experience I cant wait to return!"

Pat Bevan

CBD Soap

JaN 2017

"I have to say since using my organic CBD soap, my dry skin has all but cleared up and my skin is silky smooth, thank you for introducing me to your products, amazing!"

Wendy Gill


JaN 2017

"I wanted to let you know that I have used the oil on my cat. She developed a lesion under her chin but now it has healed and fur has grown over it. Thank you. For myself, the skin cancer is responding albeit slowly, but also, and unexpectedly, the arthritic pain I had in my left shoulder and arm is gone! Amazing result. I am going to use the oil locally on my hands when they hurt too now. Thank you for the info from Patrick Stewart. I'm telling all my friends, here's hoping that they will order oil soon. Love and blessings."

Sally Perris


Somerset, UK
Jan 2017

"The lurgy has finally started to lift and I know without sacredkana, Dean Oliver and his team, that I would normally be suffering pleurisy and/or other complications and pain, so much pain, but here I am not suffering the usual affects, just a little exhausted from the insomnia!" 



Jan 2017

"Hi Guys, I recently purchased your oil around the first week of February. I had a couple of conditions, i.e Eczema, stress related anxiety and not being able to sleep well at night. The Eczema was on parts of my body like hands, behind ears, wrists, inside of legs and below the knee on my right leg. I started taking the oil and within minutes the itch that came from the Eczema ceased. Now anyone with this condition will tell you how awful this can be. I literally teared my skin off with some open wounds from scratching for relief. The itch was so hard to deal with, almost unbearable at times. Now with no itch, my wounds and skin have started to heal very well.

My Eczema started on my hands in 1995, spreading to other parts within 5 years. I have been receiving on going treatment for this from around 1998, with skin specialist consultations prescribing the usual steroid creams, which really where no use. Nothing stopped the itch, until now and my skin is starting to heal after 22 years. My hands were really bad as they were always exposed. The itch in my hands was the worst. My hands became torn to shreds and never got a chance to heal. They are almost clear now after so long and with no medicated creams.

I am taking the oil one small teaspoon twice a day, this usually kills the itch for around 7-8 hrs. I am trying to limit my usage but may proceed with 3 times daily. As far the anxiety and sleepless nights. Long story short, the oil has also greatly helped with these issues. I feel so much more relaxed through the day and I can look forward to a decent night’s sleep now. It really is life changing the effects this has had on me.

Thanks guys, I delighted I found you. From this I am now researching and learning about the power and potential with Hemp/Cannabis. I hope you continue to keep up the great service that you provide. Many thanks, Danny."

Jayne Milne

CBD Cream

South Lanarkshire, UK
Jan 2017

"Many thanks for your continued magical work this oil helps my whole family and my neighbours, it's nothing short of magical."



Midlands, UK
Jan 2017 

"Hi Dean, I have esophageal cancer stage 4 with a secondary tumor in a lymph gland my shoulder. I am on EOX chemo (strongest dose you can have) at the moment and start my fourth of nine weeks tomorrow. The main tumor has shrunk and I can eat solid food again. Will not know full effects until scan at 9 weeks. I have none of the chemo symptoms they said i would have so far, and only lost my hair this weekend.

Otherwise feel 100% and put this down to the oil. Also the carpel tunnel syndrome I have had for 30+ years has totally disappeared. My son gets it too, he has taken the oil and his symptoms have also gone so this can only be due to the oil. I am convinced this oil will help me beat this and have also got another friend with cancer to now buy some off you too."

Stephen Slavin 


July 2016

"Having visited the sanctuary last year after a chance meeting with Dean, Kevin and Kirsty at a music festival deep in the Scottish countryside, and learning about their mission to rebalance various diseases using natural remedies, I am pleased to hear that it will be back again this year, bigger than before. The 5 days overall were an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The town/area of Monchique itself is like some kind of tropical wonderland and a ten minute stroll through some woodland will probably have you discovering over a dozen types of fruit, some of which you probably didn't even know existed.

I found the 4 days of the juice fast pretty comfortable to deal with in terms of hunger and managed to swallow down all of the recommended juices and supplements - some of which weren't always particularly 'tasty'. 8 months on and although I haven't completely overhauled my diet and become vegetarian/vegan, my eating habits have certainly improved and I'm now juicing practically every day. By default I am now slimmer than I have been in my adult life, which wasn't really a target to begin with, but it kind of happens anyway when you improve your diet. I look forward to joining them again next month to further my knowledge and see how things have progressed. Keep up the great work!"