The Lady Mary Farm & Biodynamic Gardens

Sacred work with the family lead Lady Mary Farm and Biodynamic Gardens, and this is where we procure our CBD oil from. The owners of the farm share our interest in providing safe, effective products. The farm was established by two engineers with a background in oil and gas. It is situated on the south plain of Romania called "Baragan", where it benefits from the some of the most fertile soil in the country. They began converting to organic agriculture in 2010, and finished the process in 2013.

The farm incorporates unconventional techniques, such as “no-till” farming, which improves the quality of the soil bio-fertility leading to more nutritive and resilient soils. It has taken the owners of the farm 10 years to build the farm up, and they grow many crops including grains, corn, oilseeds, vegetables, trees (walnuts) medicinal plants. They are in the fourth year of hemp cultivation, and grow many different strains.


The owners of the Lady Mary Farm and Biodynamic Gardens were the first in Romania to be authorised to process hemp plants in 25 years, besides a large Dutch company. This lead to a change in the way that hemp was allowed to be processed, and lead the farmers to develop CBD oil.

Besides hemp, the farm also grows
















Walnut trees



The Process

The farm is all organic meaning that weed control, harvesting, drying and storing is all done by manually. The farm employs a team of seasonal workers, and give them plant specific training so that each plant is harvested and with knowledge and care.

“CBD for everyone”

The farm do not sell any of their crops, but do sell products that incorporate the crops. They are always expanding their natural products. They believe that CBD oil should be available for everyone, and are aligned with the core values of sacred; to have CBD available and within reach for all.

At Sacred, we believe in full transparency. If you wish to purchase directly from the farm then please do so. If you purchase the oil from ourselves, you will not only be receiving the medicine, but you will be supporting the Sacred movement. We will also be here to support you, and offer guidance and advice when you need it.

Lab Analysis - June 2017

Here you can download the Sacred lab analysis which we have been provided from the Hemp Farm. We will update this download every time a new report becomes available. For any further questions regarding lab analysis, please contact us via the contact page.